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TESTING supergirl 1
Andy Tang Andy Tang 0
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abbreviated form "D.J." & "K.K." mable_lee97 0
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Keeping fit (Practice) by 1910 Writing Practice 1

Notes and reference materials

These notes are currently hosted on my teachers' site, and are not yet optimised for mobiles. A new, mobile-friendly version will be available soon.


adjectives ending in -ed and -ing
auxiliary verbs
auxiliary verbs - avoiding repetition
auxiliary verbs - so / neither
auxiliary verbs - sounding interested
comparison with
defining relative clauses
first conditional
future continuous
have sthg done
modals of deduction
narrative tenses
non-defining relative clauses
passive voice
present perfect tense
question tags
relative clauses
reported speech
reporting verbs
stative and dynamic verbs
wish - past
wish - present

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